Fall 2020, Session 1: September 14 - November 7


Our Fall 2020 schedule is here! Typically, we run two sessions during the school year - Fall (14 weeks, Sept - Dec) and Winter/Spring (19 weeks, Jan - May). Due to the current situation of the world....we decided to release our Fall schedule in an 8-week increment. However,  we hope the schedule will remain the same (just with additional classes added) for the second half of Fall session which would begin right away (with no break on Nov. 9). But we did this for a number of reasons:

- We have learned many parents are more comfortable committing to smaller time frames right now

- We know things change (as far as state restrictions, school plans, etc.) by what feels like the day lately!

- And it allows us to be realistic in our planning, giving us the ability to adapt to the changes around us should they arise

And because of the things mentioned above....we finally realized it made more sense to leave "open time blocks" to fill in as the need arises, rather than try to guess what age/level of school age kids would want to do an earlier than usual (daytime or 3pm) class. We still have families not comfortable coming back to in person dance yet (which is completely OK and understandable!) but that is another reason why it makes it hard to know who will need what :)

Click the links below to make your request for:

- Virtual classes (Zoom in to one of the live classes below). CLICK HERE. Subtract $10 from each monthly installment price. You will receive a confirmation by Sept. 5 regarding your Zoom request.

- Class request for some of the open time slots listed below. Have 5 or more friends interested in a class during daytime hours? We may be able to accommodate that, too! - CLICK HERE!

DANCE COMPANY - We will see the dancers on Saturday 8/22 and explain everything as well as send a handout home to parents after. THEY (current members) DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING ELSE RIGHT NOW. However, prospective members - register for "Company auditions" in our online portal so we know of your interest. We will observe you during one of the other evaluation classes you sign up for during evaluation week 8/24-8/28.

PERFORMANCE TROUPE - AUDITIONS FOR NEW MEMBERS: Register for "Performance Troupe Auditions" in Jackrabbit, and we will evaluate you during evaluation week 8/24-8/28, during one of your other class evaluations you sign up for. Returning members, choose "Performance Troupe Returning Member" in Jackrabbit online registration so we know you are interested in returning as a team member (no audition required). If you do not enroll for this, you will not receive information and updates on what our plans are for Troupe. 


It is challenging to make a performance calendar right now, as there are no events happening....as well as large gatherings. But we are working hard to come up with a plan to keep these kids engaged and performing somehow! Please enroll in JR, and we will keep you updated as promised in the coming weeks. For "performance troupe" class rehearsal blocks on the schedule - we cannot tell you yet who would practice where since we don't know what the team will look like (how many of what age, level, etc). Thank you!!


2460 W. Main Street, Unit 111

St. Charles, Illinois 60175
Phone: 630-443-2181
Email:  info@dreamsdance.com

Our front desk and lobby is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocol. Registered students and staff are the only ones allowed IN the studio when classes are in session.

Please email info@dreamsdance.com


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