Covid-19 precautions, policies and procedures

Studio cleaning and sanitizing

We are proud to have always maintained a clean environment (pre-COVID!) - it is something we are consistently complimented on when people visit our studio! Of course now we are wiping things down much more often and are proud of the protocol we have followed since reopening in June.

Throughout the day when classes are going on, all surfaces that are regularly touched are wiped down - door handles, benches, cubbies, ballet barres, bathrooms, light switches. Dance floors are cleaned as well with a quick drying solution to ensure safety (it dries quick so no slipping) as well as cleanliness. Our studio is also professionally cleaned (again - something we have always done even pre-COVID).

Face Masks

Dancers must wear masks when they come in to the studio. They should bring a plastic baggie with them (sandwich ziplock bag is great); once they are in their socially distanced "dance box" in their classroom they are allowed to take their mask off and put in their plastic bag. We have plastic bags as well to provide. Or, they can put it on their water bottle if their water bottle has a hook or something to hang it on. Dancers stay inside their box during class. 


Of course, any parents who would like their child to keep their mask on the entire time during class - that is absolutely OK! Just let us know so we can make sure the instructor is in the know as well. 

For our older dancers, we may still incorporate across the floor combinations during class - if so, we ask the dancers to put their masks on for that.

What dancers are allowed to bring in the studio 

Dancers should only bring a small dance bag with the necessary items such as dance shoes and water bottle. Everything must fit in their bag, and the bag must fit in a cubbie.

Social Distancing in dance rooms (during class)

See above

Social Distancing in waiting area for dancers before class

Dancers are only to wait in the designated "social distance sticker" cubbie spots or chairs. This is to ensure dancers stay apart. It has worked very well since June!

Lobby and waiting area

Currently, our lobby and waiting area is closed to parents. This is hard for us, too, as we love parents being able to watch their dancers. We know this may be challenging for you, however we need to ensure we are following all protocol to keep a healthy environment for everyone so that we can stay open and providing the joy of dance to our students! We didn't make the rules, so we ask that you be understanding of that. If it isn't something you are comfortable or ready for, you may want to consider waiting until things are a bit back to "normal." We want you to be happy!


All the new procedures and precautions we have followed have proved beneficial since June, so why stray from that if it is working. That is the mindset we have right now. Health and safety is our #1 priority for our dancers and teachers. Thank you!


Water fountain, microwave, fridge

The water fountain is closed. Please bring your own water. The microwave and refrigerator are also closed to dancers.

Drop off and pick up

Due to the current adaptations we have had to make, dancers should NOT arrive more than 5 minutes before class. If you do arrive earlier than that, please have your dancer wait in the car with you. Park in any spot to drop them off and they can enter in the door they normally do; you can also walk them to the front door. A staff member will be stationed there to greet our younger dancers and help guide them in. We will do the same thing at the end of class and walk them out.

For our pre-school age dancers, it is OK for you to bring in your child if it is their first class or two - otherwise it is most ideal to allow our staff and student assistants to guide them in and lead them out, as we need to keep our lobby free of gatherings and any extra bodies beside registered dancers and staff.

Dancers who have back to back classes - with a break

While we miss the hustle and bustle of the homework and eating area with dancers giggles and has proved effective to have it closed this summer. Over summer, we asked that dancers who have a longer than 15 min break between classes either go outside to wait (if they have parent permission) or that parents pick them up between classes. Otherwise, they need to sit in a designated seat the entire time. We are fully aware it is an inconvenience; we too would like to go back to how things used to be!

We are currently trying to figure out some additional ideas for Fall for kids who are here for 3 or more back to back classes each day. We know it can't yet be how it used to be, but while it is nice out dancers must continue to eat outside. Bring a chair or blanket for them to sit on if you'd like - make the best of a difficult situation for all :) Chairs can be left outside when you drop dancers off; they shouldn't be brought inside. 


2460 W. Main Street, Unit 111

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Phone: 630-443-2181

Our front desk and lobby is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocol. Registered students and staff are the only ones allowed IN the studio when classes are in session.

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