DDA Arts Academy and Performing Arts Academy

New for Fall 2020. A supplemental program for dancers to enhance their education and knowledge in all forms of art

Due to all of the e-learning kids are doing this Fall, we wanted to give them something to do in person with other children. As well as a positive, fun experience! Check out our new programs below. 



Register in Jackrabbit. Email info@dreamsdance.com with any questions!

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Performing Art Academy application process:

Submit an essay on why you want to be part of the Academy. Also, a one minute video of self choreographed choreography.  Send to jenny@dreamsdance.com. Videos can be tricky to send sometimes, so send whatever way works best for you - email, google drive, FB messenger, etc.

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DDA Art Academy finalized weekly class time!

The Arts Academy will be meeting on Fridays from 3:00-4:10pm.  We look forward to dancers who this works with their school schedule, joining us for this incredible new program! A great way to supplement their education whether they are learning in person or remote.

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