Ages 9 and up
We offer a wide range of commitment levels for dancers age 9 and up. Whether your child wants to take one class a week or 10, we cater to all! Every student matters. Every child's dance education is important - no matter their experience or commitment level.

There is often a misconception that dancers have to "get serious" and take tons of classes or join a competitive team once they hit this age - that is absolutely NOT the case at DDA. We have many dancers who never join one of our dance teams and love taking a class or three a week - whether they are elementary age or teenagers. And guess what? That is OK at our studio. 


My child is age 9 or older and new to dance

The best thing to do at this age is come in to do a FREE trial class and evaluation. We can also do private 15 minute evaluations if you are unable to attend a current class for your eval. Email to get started.

My child is age 9 or older and a current DDA student

Every dancer progresses at a different pace. Just as in any sport - dance is no exception to that rule. Every child has different strengths, and different weaknesses. Every child takes corrections differently. Some skills come easy to some, while they could be difficult for someone else.


Your dancer should continue to take their current level classes until you receive written notice that they should move up a level. Some dancers need one year of a level, while others need longer. If your child has mastered the skills and technique required to progress to the next level - they will then move up a level. It is that simple. Mastering is so much more than execution of the step - they need to be able to execute it at the proper pace with no help, on a regular basis. Trust the process (and your instructor). 

While we love to encourage dancers to try different classes to see what they most enjoy, dancers and parents must understand that sort of "pauses" a dancers growth in a particular genre so you can NOT expect to progress level wise if you don't consistently take a class. There is work required to be put in, and advancement is earned - not given.


Example: Dancer takes Jazz level 2 in Fall, then takes Lyrical or Tap in Winter....but wants to go back to Jazz again the next year and expects to enroll in Jazz level 3. That is absolutely not how it works and should never be expected. Like any sport, progression is earned and there are skills and technique required for every level.


My child is age 9 or older and in Dance Company

Dancers follow the same criteria as above. But also please see our "Intensive Dancer" page as well as your Company class requirements.

We also have non-leveled Pre-Teen/Teen classes for ages 11 and older. These have proved highly successful since we started them a few years ago!

Our instructors follow the same structured lesson plans for all class levels (Pre-School through Level 7) to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout our program. To move to a level 2 or higher, dancers must have certain skills and technique mastered. When they are ready, a notice will come in written form from the studio. 

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