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Dancer Placement  Week

For the 2022/23 Season



Dancers who want to enroll in the following classes, CANNOT enroll in these classes unless you are 1) currently in that level or 2) received written placement to enroll in that level at the end of the Spring 2022 session or Summer 2022 session or 3) attend Placement Week (first week of classes now) to receive an evaluation.

Ballet level 2-7 * Jazz level 2-5 * Tap level 2-5


Instead of having a separate day(s) before the session starts for dancers to come in like we had planned, we will do it during the first week of classes - that has always worked best and we realized we can continue to do that.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Please email the studio for help determining what the best level class to enroll in might be; then, during the first week of classes we will evaluate your dancer in that class and let you know if it is the correct level. If it is, your dancer can stay as is and if not - we will let you know what class to switch to. Thank you!

Please click here to let us know you are participating in an

evaluation the first week of classes.

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