Preschool Program:  Ages 2-5


We are proud of the strong Pre-School age program we offer! Our instructors provide a fun, positive learning environment suitable for our youngest dancers…in a way that they can learn and retain the proper fundamentals and basics that are so important.


Our instructors follow the same structured (and fun themed!) lesson plans to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout our program. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a 2 or 3 year old finally master that first position or shuffle step they worked so hard for!

Ages 2-3: Tiny Dreamers

A great way to introduce little ones to the art of dance.  We'll use games and songs to teach rhythm, movement, and introduce basic ballet. This is a great way to develop basic motor skills, as well as coordination and balance. Ballet shoes required.

Walking through age 2:
Mom N Me

This is a fun class which introduces children to creative movement, while being able to bond with mom (or dad, or grandma...whoever!) A lot of interactive songs and movements are utilized. Great intro to dance for the little ones!

Ages 3-5: Pre-Ballet/Tap

Basic ballet and/or tap skills, terminology, rhythm, and coordination are taught, practiced, and developed through creative movement, music. ​Our pre-ballet and/or pre-ballet/tap classes also develop concentration and learning how to follow instructions. Ballet shoes and Tap shoes required.

Ages 3-6: ChildBlossom Yoga

This is a fun class which introduces children to yoga which will focus on body awareness and brain and body connection through breath.


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Ages 3-5: Tot Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop for tots uses clean and age appropriate music/movement! Jazz shoes are OK to wear in class, but Hip Hop dance sneakers are required for recital.


2460 W. Main Street, Unit 111

St. Charles, Illinois 60175
Phone: 630-443-2181

Our front desk and lobby is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocol. Registered students and staff are the only ones allowed IN the studio when classes are in session.

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