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Club DDA

What is Club DDA? Launched in August 2019, Club DDA was formed through the desire to bring back all the fun activities that helped DDA get off the ground in 2012, AND to launch new ideas we've been wanting to try out! We love being out in the community to spread the message of The DDA Way any way we can. 

Club DDA offers:

Storytime - Club DDA will come to your business, school, daycare, special event, etc. and read a dance themed story...and bring live characters from the book! Includes a fun dance class after. We do this for open to the public events and private groups such as schools and daycares. See our schedule below for our open to the public storytimes! Special coupon given at every event to attendees.

Hype Squad - Club DDA will come to your special event or birthday party, and bring interactive games and music, dancing, and more! Daycamps, local name it, we'll be there. Leave the fun and games to you have one less thing to worry about!

Interested in Club DDA coming out to one of your events? Contact us at to find out more!

Local Storytimes

Click here for our studio calendar to see our current story times!

Special Events

Click here for our studio calendar to see our current special events Club DDA will be at!

Egg Hunting

Pre-School and Daycare workshops

We don't post our private events that we go to during school hours, but thank you to the local daycares and pre-schools who are welcoming us into their home this year to do a workshop!

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