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Dreams Dance Academy

Ages 12+

We offer both leveled classes (Jazz 1-5, Tap level 1-5, and Ballet 1-7) for the more serious dancer looking to focus on technique, as well as open classes (split by age) for those looking for a recreational dance environment. 


Our instructors follow structured curriculum for all classes (Pre-School through Level 7) to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout our program. To move to a level 2 or higher in Ballet, Jazz, or Tap, dancers must have certain skills and technique mastered. When they are ready, written notice will come from the studio. 

It's important to us to offer options to the varying commitment desires of families. We want to offer dancers the option to participate in both dance AND other sports and school activities. But also offer program options for those looking to make dance their sole focus and prepare our older dancers who wish to dance in college and beyond.

Looking for help with what classes may best complement each other?  Email us! We are here to help create the best class plan for your child.

Dancers who want to enroll in a level 2 or higher Jazz, Ballet, or Tap class will always be notified in writing if they are to move up.

Hip Hop

Students will learn the fundamentals of hip hop movement, in an upbeat and high energy class. Stretching, isolations, rhythms, upper body strength and funky footwork will be incorporated. We use "kid friendly" hip hop music - AND kid friendly hip hop moves!

Lyrical & Contemporary

Beginning Fall 2022, we are combining Lyrical and Contemporary. We have learned many dancers want to take both anyway, but there are also many similarities between the two - we are excited about this beneficial change!

Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz, that utilizes slow fluid movements to interpret music and express emotion while telling a story through the art of dance. We encourage dancers to have at least one year of ballet and/or jazz training first.  Contemporary combines ballet, modern, and jazz to develop an expressive style of movement also including improvisation.

Musical Theatre

Students will learn popular dance steps found in Broadway shows while learning how to use BIG facial expressions, poise, and act - all through dancing! No vocal lessons are given in this class, this is strictly musical theatre dance. We use exercises to encourage confidence on the stage. Musical Theatre is a non-leveled class, but over summer it is leveled and based on Jazz level. Examples of songs and choreographed numbers - Wizard of Oz, Annie, Grease - and more

Ballet - Levels 1-7

By placement only. Approval required for levels 2 and up

Our Ballet classes are divided into 7 levels and students are placed by skill level. New students, please contact the office for an evaluation appointment.  Ballet focuses on overall body alignment and awareness with emphasis on proper usage of feet and legs and execution of turnout. Barre and center work, along with combinations.  

Jazz - Levels 1-5

By placement only. Approval required for levels 2 and up

Our Jazz classes are divided into 5 levels and students are placed by skill level. Full of rhythm, jazz dance brings energy and life to dance. Explore body isolations of the head, shoulders, rib cage, feet, and arms, which encourages individual expression and personal style.​

Tap - Levels 1-5

By placement only. Approval required for levels 2 and up

Our Tap classes are divided into 5 levels and students are placed by skill level. This is a percussive style of dancing. Its name comes from the tapping sound made when the metal plates on the dancer’s shoes touch a hard surface. Students will learn Tap terminology and choreography.

ADD-ON Electives


We offer a number of elective classes that help build a dancer's strength, flexibility, and technique. This helps them build an even stronger foundation. Looking for suggestions for your dancer? Email us!

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Open (split by age)
Ballet, Jazz, Tap leveled
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