DDA Dance Company
2021-2022 team pictured below
What is Dance Company?

Dance Company is for intensive dancers who are committed to taking 4+ classes a week, plus rehearsals. Depending on level of commitment and age, dancers will be at the studio from 4 - 15+ hours a week. Auditions are held each July. This is a an audition with cuts. Not everyone makes it. 


Although this is our team who attends competitions, we do not call ourselves a Competition Team. We are so much more than that. We focus on the value of entertaining, performance, and team work, while inspiring others with our passion for dance. We attend four competitions from February - May, and perform throughout the year at various events (each year brings new opportunities). 


This offers a rewarding experience for our dancers, as it molds them into confident, experienced, and technically strong, well-rounded performers. These experiences carry over into their everyday lives, too! Most importantly, our dancers learn the value of teamwork and supporting one another - we build lifelong friendships on our team through our shared love of dance.  We also have a big sister/little sister program within company and special team building days. 2022-2023 season requirements posted soon, but won't be much different from the below (with the exception of bringing back an option to only be in Tap company and be able to forego some of the class requirements.

The DDA Dance Company (open to ages 5 - 17)