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Our Annual Recital

We offer a positive learning environment and understand the amazing benefit of performing, and how it can boost a dancer's confidence and stage presence. It allows our students to showcase what they've learned in class to their parents, family, and friends. The smile that performing brings to a students face is priceless - and we make sure it's a fun, rewarding, and memorable experience for all.

Our recitals are consistently praised for our age appropriate music and costuming, and the entire "experience" we make of it for our is so much more than their few minutes on stage for their dance. It is truly a weekend they will forever cherish!

Although rare, we understand families may have conflicts or other reasons they cannot participate in recital - dancers can absolutely participate in class even if they cannot be in recital. Please just let us know in late January when we ask for that information, so that we can have accurate records and ensure our office staff and your child's teacher is in the know. THIS MUST BE PROVIDED IN WRITING to, not verbally to your instructor.

Check out these highlights from the 2019 Recital..."There's No Place Like DDA"

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