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Dreams Dance Academy Dance Company


Intensive Dancer Program


The Dance Company is an audition based team. The classes below are for Dance Company members only. Auditions are held every May. Please visit our Dance Company page to learn more.

Company dancers - refer to your requirements here for all the classes you need to take. The below classes are Company specific and open to members.
Company Jazz Technique

Beginning in Fall 2022, we are adding company specific Jazz tech classes, which will also include their Leaps and Turns class. This is a 60-90 minute weekly class, depending on age. Dancers are also strongly encouraged to also take a Jazz level 1-5 class.

Company Lyrical & Contemporary

Company dancers (Junior, Teen, Senior) take Company Lyrical/Contemporary, and if your child is interested in adding an additional Lyrical/Contemporary, they should take the age appropriate class (example: Age 9-11).

Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz, that utilizes slow fluid movements to interpret music and express emotion while telling a story through the art of dance. We encourage dancers to have at least one year of ballet and/or jazz training first.  Contemporary combines ballet, modern, and jazz to develop an expressive style of movement also including improvisation.

Weekly rehearsals

Our Dance Company's weekly rehearsals for their routines, run just like a regular weekly class. Every routine has a 30 minute rehearsal each week. It is solely focused on choreography; technique and skills are worked on in non-rehearsal classes.

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