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7-Week Class Session

Back by popular demand....our punch card format we debuted in Summer 2023!

Last summer, we tried something different and it was a HUGE hit! Our 7-week class session runs in a punch card format as well as the schedule varies from week to week. We absolutely loved this last summer and so did our dancers, parents, and teachers!


Every week the schedule varies a little, which gives dancers the opportunity to change their class load each week as well as try something new. Plus, families can go on vacations, etc. without having to worry about missing classes they have paid for and can't find the time in summer to do makeup classes. Please scroll below for the weekly class schedules, so you can get an idea of what punch card you'd like to purchase. Punch cards CAN be used for multiple dancers in one family (example: 2 siblings share the same punch card. However, please indicate that in your online purchase in the notes section). NOT valid for Unlimited Membership

What do I enroll my dancer in?  Hold your cursor over the "START HERE" tab and then choose the appropriate age range. Class placements will be added to current students Jackrabbit Parent Portal end of May. This is done for all dancers enrolled in Jazz, Tap, and/or Ballet Level 1 and up classes.

For dancers in Pre-School classes or age 5 and up combo classes, please visit the home page and then click on your appropriate age for guidance. For dancers in open non-leveled classes, please continue to enroll in the appropriate age class. For dancers who have experience but have been on a break and/or are a current dancer wanting to enroll in a leveled Jazz,Tap, and/or Ballet class, please email for guidance and a proper evaluation.


For high school dancers who are not on Company but WERE on Company until HS, you may also be able to take "Teen or Senior Company" indicated classes. Please email to confirm if this is an appropriate level for your dancer.

Summer Class Session: Monday June 17 - Thursday August 8, 2024

Punch cards can be purchased beginning May 1. Dancers will be given their punch card the first week of summer session. 

Summer 2024 Class session dates

Below are the dates for our weekly class session. They run Monday-Thursday; we do not have classes on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer. 


Week 1: June 17-20

Week 2: June 24-27

Week 3: July 8-11

Week 4: July 15-18 

Week 5: July 22-25

Week 6: July 29- Aug 1

Week 7: August 5-8

Summer 2024 7-week session rates
Payment is due June 15, which is when we will run Auto Pay.

5 class punch card - $75
8 class p
unch card - $120
10 class punch card - $150
12 class punch card - $180
15 class punch card - $225
18 class punch card - $270
20 class punch card - $300
25 class punch card - $375

Unlimited Punch card - $415

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