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Welcome to our 2024 Recital event page

12th Annual Recital

 "Back to the 80's with DDA"

June 1 & 2, 2024 at Kaneland High School 

All of the below is old info but we keep it up even after we distribute the recital magazine.

Please note the new venue

Unfortunately District 303 canceled our reservation for St. Charles North in November with little explanation, and we made this way back in the summer. We were incredibly frustrated and disappointed that no regard was made to all the time that went into planning an event for a specific location and date. We knew finding a venue that would work for our needs for the EXACT dates would be extremely difficult....but, NOT impossible. Because that is The DDA Way. We don't give up when the going gets tough!

So....we are SO excited to have Kaneland High School host our 2024 recital! They are such an incredible and professional team to work with. They always go above and beyond, and that matters to us.


We know the distance isn't ideal for some, but it's a beautiful theater and it's only two days (rehearsal and recital) in the grand scheme of things. Thank you Kaneland High School, Maria Paulson, and the Kaneland Arts Initiative!

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Printed copies distributed week of 4/1

Click here for the recital show split (what class is in what show), then refer to the below. Please know that when you sign up for Winter/Spring classes, you are acknowledging that you're aware what show(s) your dancer(s) classes are in, especially if that means your family need​s to be at and purchase recital tickets for multiple shows. With over 400 students, it is impossible to have all dancer(s) and families in only one show. There are no ticket discounts given, so please read the below information carefully before you enroll for a class.


Please also note that dancers are NOT required to participate in recital - they can take class but not be in recital. However, we do not suggest this as recital is SUCH a huge part and positive piece of a dancer's overall education and experience.

Dress rehearsals (please see updated rehearsal info as of Feb 2024)

Each class rehearses for 10 minutes then gets their photo taken, so you are only required to be there about 30 min. Your classes designated time will be provided in the Recital magazine released in Feb.

Thursday May 30, 3:00-9:00pm - Shows A & B. NEW Now 5:00-9:00pm due to some dancers still being in school due to snow days. We serve dancers from many school districts! Show A may have a dress rehearsal on 5/29 instead, or on 5/31 at Kaneland instead. We are still working on coordination - it isn't a simple fix!

Friday May 31, 1:00-6:00pm - Shows C & D. 

Show Days

Saturday June 1 - 1:00pm (Show A), 4:15pm (Show B)

Sunday June 2 - 10:30am (Show C), 1:30pm (Show D)

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