Description of classes offered

Mom n Me, Tiny Dreamers, Pre-Ballet/Tap, Tot Hip Hop

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Combo classes for ages 5-8 (example Jazz/Tap, Ballet/Lyrical, Jazz/Ballet, Ballet/Tap)

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Focuses on overall body alignment and awareness with emphasis on proper usage of feet and legs and execution of turnout.
Barre and center work, along with combinations. Please note that Company Ballet on Saturdays is for level 4 Company dancers only and anyone enrolled in it MUST also be enrolled in Ballet 4, Ballet 5, Ballet 6, or Ballet 7.



Make some noise! Tap teaches rhythm and coordination with sound, and kids will learn basic tap terminology and choreography.



​Full of rhythm, jazz dance brings energy and life to dance. Explore body isolations of the head, shoulders, rib cage, feet and arms, which encouraging individual expression and personal style!​


Hip Hop

Students will learn the fundamentals of hip hop movement, in an upbeat and high energy class. Stretching, isolations, rhythms, upper body strength and funky footwork will be incorporated. We use "kid friendly" hip hop music - AND kid friendly hip hop moves!


Musical Theater

Students will learn popular dance steps found on Broadway, while learning how to use BIG facial expressions, poise, and act - all through dancing! No vocal lessons given in this class, this is strictly musical theater dance. We use exercises to encourage confidence on the stage.  Examples of songs and choreographed numbers - Wizard of Oz, Annie, Grease - and more


Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz technique, that utilizes slow fluid movements to interpret music and express emotion while telling a story through the art of dance. Should have at least one year of ballet or jazz training before starting.



Contemporary Dance combines ballet, modern, and jazz to develop an expressive style of movement also including improvisation


Specialty Classes:

Technical Conditioning

For our intensive dancers, we now offer this 75 minute class that is focused on strength, conditioning, flexibility, leaps, and turns. We've rolled our Stretch & Strength and Leaps & Turns classes into one class and we are excited to introduce this for the 2020-2021 season! This is a requirement for ALL Company members. Ready...set....get strong!

​Leaps and Turns

Get that extra time to focus on JUST your leaps and turns that are so important for jazz technique and choreography.  Must be enrolled in a Jazz class.



This class done in ballet slippers focuses on alignment, balance, strength, theraband work, and safety needed for pointe. These exercises learned will be similar to what will eventually be done in their pointe shoes, so dancers already placed on pointe are welcome to take this class. This class is beneficial for any Level 4 and up dancer even if they do not want to go on Pointe.  Must be enrolled in Ballet level 4 or higher.



Dancing in pointe shoes is a great accomplishment and this class gives special attention to the development of these dancers to ensure healthy improvement as we slowly move from barre work to center work according to each individual.

Stretch & Strength

Flex and Stretch increases flexibility through proper stretching - there are so many wrong ways to stretch, and it's important to learn the proper techniques of stretching to prevent injury. This class is perfect for any dancer - what dancer can't benefit from increasing their flexibility! Dancer conditioning focuses on increasing endurance and strength, as well as a strong focus on core/abdominal work. Being a strong and flexible dancer helps improve a dancer's jumps, turns, leaps, and everything in between. Must be enrolled in a jazz and/or ballet class.


Floor Barre

Floor Barre takes ballet technique to the floor where dancers can focus on the absolute basics and create strong muscle memory that will take their training to new heights. Floor Barre improves technique, core, turnout, flexibility and helps prevent injury. Dancers will enhance their precision and posture and train their muscles for stronger technique when they return to their ballet classes.

Must be enrolled in Ballet level 4 or higher.


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Phone: 630-443-2181

Our front desk and lobby is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocol. Registered students and staff are the only ones allowed IN the studio when classes are in session.

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